About Charlotte

Worth the wait

Charlotte and Dan’s album “Worth the Wait” marked their re-emergence into Americana music.


Charlotte Kendrick & Dan Rowe

Charlotte and Dan’s musical relationship proved to be a powerful fit: Charlotte’s gentle but captivating voice complimented by Dan’s subtle harmony; Charlotte providing the center groove with her acoustic guitar, with Dan anchoring the ensemble with his bass and sparse arrangements; Charlotte’s female perspective articulated clearly in her lyrics, with Dan’s production delivering an authentic finished piece.

From No Depression, May 2016:

"And the voice--- the center of the Kendrick sound? As flowing and beautiful as ever.....The voices are the core, Rowe lending a light harmonic touch where needed, content to play a supporting role as both a singer and an instrumentalist. It's the balance, you see, and the sincerity. The lack of bells and whistles, the presence of mind to make each song exactly what it is and nothing less and nothing more......Starting back around 2005 or so, I began hearing about this whole Americana thing and struggled to understand the need for a new genre. Hearing Worth the Wait has me rethinking that stance."

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